The Mobile Cabin!

The Green Cabin business was born out of our mobile Green Cabin, our shop comes to you. It’s great to be able to purchase products online, as we do, but to get folks to regularly adopt the refilling concept, it needs to be made easy, convenient and affordable too. At The Green Cabin we encourage people to really think about their plastic packaging and imagine how it can be reused. A great example of hardy plastic packaging that can be used over and over again is that of the detergents and chemicals. We have already paid for these bottles, lets use them until the end of their useful lives. The Mobile Green Cabin allows you bring your large and maybe bulky detergent packaging to the Cabin, as we can be booked to park in your complex, estate or neighbourhood for refilling.

Lets face it, it is awkward to get around shopping centres with these sorts of packaging on the off chance you find an affordable refilling shop. The best part of adopting a regular neighbourhood refill, is that it becomes extremely affordable, you save a fortune, as now you’re sharing the small arrive on site cost, but you are no longer paying for packaging and filling up as much or as little as you want.

Schedule a regular visit for your complex and never worry about your plastic waste, harmful chemicals in your home and over spending on your detergents again.