Start Your Own Refilling Business

This is not a pyramid scheme; this is not a franchise. The Green Cabin’s home refilling initiative is a small business kit, to first and foremost, help you make extra money. You will also be cleaning up the earth’s overwhelming plastic bottle problem, helping others save money, educate friends and family on cleaning up our planet and help them rid their homes of harmful chemicals.

We are on this journey together. The Green Cabin is here as your business partner. We will not only supply you with this world Class range of cleaning detergents at wholesale prices, but we will assist you in making the sale in anyway we can. Labels, collateral, information and data sheets, “how to use” videos -per product are also supplied to you. We also have a digital marketer at hand to assist you with your social media campaigns (He will bill you based on your requirements).

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A note from the Manufacturers of The Green Cabin’s range of detergents

The South African consumer is now far more sophisticated and educated in the field of enzyme, bacterial and green cleaning products than just a few years ago. They now ask intelligent questions about carbon footprint like “How green is a product really if it has to be imported and shipped from the other side of the world?” And they contemplate important questions like “Why buy expensive imported products if I can get a better performing local product, save money over even harsh chemicals, while supporting our local economy?”

These are questions we asked a few years ago before deciding to actively find solutions to solve these problems. This has now made locally produced bio-enzymes, eco-chemicals and green cleaning products a completely viable alternative to traditional harsh chemicals.

Our bio-enzyme, eco-chemical and green cleaning products are based on the stringent requirements of the Heritage Environmental Programme and where applicable carry the coveted Eco-Choice label. This guarantees our enzyme and green cleaning products are manufactured to the highest eco standards, while having no negative impact on the environment



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