The Green Cabin

The Green Cabin provides Luxury, nontoxic and biodegradable detergents sold only in refillable packaging. You can buy online and your order will be delivered to your door, reducing chemical exposure in your home and reducing the use of single use plastic. We collect your empty bottles for us to refill for you. This not only reduces the plastic bottles that go to the overflowing landfills, but also makes it more affordable. All our products are based on South African soil cultures and are Eco Choice approved. We offer Greener living from a modern, practical perspective. We hope to inspire folks to save money, consume less and live a greener, healthier, more sustainable life. Introducing a new positive home cleaning solution.



COVID – 19

The Green Cabin believes in sanitising your hands and your entire home, safely and thoroughly. We are a zero single use plastic, detergent and antivirus solution refilling business. This means that while raw materials and packaging for hand Sanitisers are running out in the shops, we come to your door to refill your existing sanitising bottles. You can also order Virus Gobbler in 1 to 5 Litre refills.

The Green Cabins’ natural and eco-friendly home cleaning products have CFU bacterial and anti-virus enzyme counts, often thousands of times higher and are critically EDTA free unlike most imported counterparts, a harmful substance which has been banned by the G.E.N. (Global Eco-Label Network) and Eco-cert and are therefore much kinder to the environment.


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Locally South African Owned Company

Locally South African Owned Company





We deliver to Johannesburg and Pretoria at a flat rate of R95.

Please enquire for delivery to Cape Town, Bloemfontein, PE and Durban.

Please hand back your empty bottles to the courier service for future discount.

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